Meet Mark & Emily


I’m in love with my daughter! She’s the sweetest, silliest, cuddliest eight-month old on the planet (and I’m not biased)! It’s amazing how much a life can change in less than a year (hers and mine). Her constant growing and learning have me snapping photographs 24/7. My husband keeps saying we have too many pictures, but when it comes to my daughter, there’s no such thing! Some of my other loves: Starbucks’ salted caramel hot chocolate (why does it have to be just a fall treat?), sci-fi movies and TV shows, a good book and Wim Mertens’ music (look him up if you’ve never heard any). Life in Hawaii suits me just fine because I love the water and spend much of my time snorkeling, diving and paddle-boarding.





I grew up on the Hilo side of the Big Island where I spent most of my youth surfing at Honoli’i and photographing my friends doing the same. I started my first photography business here on the island and photographed everything from small beach weddings to large groups at the resorts. After growing up on an island I realized that living in a big city was something I really needed to experience in order to grow as a person and a photographer. So, I moved to Los Angeles and within a few weeks of moving, a little luck and a smile landed me a camera assistant job in the entertainment industry. I worked on a variety of TV shows  such as “Renegade”, and “Malcolm in the Middle” and numerous movies. I briefly worked for Playboy Behind the Scenes and while I quickly learned that boudoir photography is not an interest of mine, I did learn how to pose people!

While searching for my niche in Hollywood I found myself working as a 24-Frame Computer/Video Supervisor. This on-set job allowed me to work directly with the actors, directors, producers and the craziness that is Hollywood. I spent several years flying around the country to work on TV shows and feature films such as HBO’s “From the Earth to the Moon”, “Contact”, and “Oceans 11” before landing a long term job on “CSI” (the Las Vegas version). Like any passionate photographer I always had a camera on hand. I began dating Emily while working on “CSI” and we were married a few years later. Her dedication to photography has helped me return to what I love most: being a photographer. I love to kiteboard and on days when the wind is right you’ll find me boarding across Anaehoomalu Bay faster than ducks can fly (usually with a camera strapped to me somewhere)!  I’m proud to call Hawaii my home and be able to do what I love! I also love capturing aerial photography with my quad copter and hexacopter. Check out my aerial and real estate website here: